Refocus, Recharge, Take Charge Digital Book/Workbook Combo

This digital book and workbook combo will give you everything you need to make this your best year yet. 

This bundle is based on a 21 day challenge of the same name.

This incredible and life-changing 21 day challenge has been transforming the lives of women just like you for the past two years. 

Tackling the 3 most common areas of struggle for all busy women, refocusing your mind, recharging your body, and taking charge of everyday challenges, through the 21 day Refocus, Recharge, Take Charge Challenge digital book, you'll have the guidance you need to feel accomplished rather than exhausted at the end of the day. Starting today. 

Even better, it will all be at your fingertips.

The digital book will help you create:

*Effective goals

*Realistic routines that work

*A successful schedule

*Less clutter

*A better diet

*Time for exercise 

*A plan for more of your money in your pocket

*and so much more

The workbook provides the printable worksheets you need to implement the things you've learned. 

If you're finally ready to take charge of your life, this is the bundle that will show you exactly how.